Ensure that the Matching Preferences, Available Times, Duration and Types of Services you ask for are indeed offered by the Escort you select. No use trying to book an escort for times she is not available, please read the profiles thoroughly.

Please refer to the Booking Process before making a booking.

Telephonic Bookings (Preferred Method)

Call +264 81 884 0600 to speak to a booking agent to book an escort. (Lines open: 9am – 9pm)
SMS/WhatsApp also welcome but please ensure that you understand the booking process.
Privacy and Discretion is our biggest priority.

Chat Online with the Booking Agent

You can also chat online with the booking agent when available, please note that the booking process is still in play. The Online Chat in only for general inquiries and booking cannot be accepted via the chat.
Use the Chat Icon in the bottom right corner to chat to the agent.

Online Bookings

Due to some spam filters online booking requests are not the most reliable method, a simple phone call is much more reliable and it will take care of the screening process too.

Escort Booking Form

  • Please note that we will need to talk to first time customers over the phone to verify information before a booking can be confirmed.