Booking Process

What is the Booking Process and How does it Work?

The process to book a girl is very simple.

  1. Brows the Escort Profiles and choose a girl of your liking.
  2. Make contact with us via our number +264 81 884 0600 (sms/whatsapp/call).
    The Online Booking request for can be used but we will still require your number for confirmation. See Privacy Policy should you have any concerns.
  3. A quick screening will take place if you are a first time customer, this will be done via a quick phone call. Basic information (Name. Age & Race) will be asked and verified, please be honest as this will speed up the process and avoid future problems. Please also indicate the best way to communicate in future (Phone/SMS/Whatsapp)
  4. Indicate to us the girl you are interested in and tell us what you require and also the date and time.
  5. We will contact the girl to confirm availability and discuss services required.
  6. Once the girl confirms her availability we will be in contact to confirm the booking.
  7. Final step for you will be to relay the rest of the information like venue and room number before the girl can be dispatched.

The Why?

Why a booking agent, why not talk and book with the girl directly?
It is simply for the safety and security these girls, can you imagine how many calls, sms, whatsapp and emails they can get. This does not even cover any of the weird or plain stupid questions they receive. These are professional girls and most of them still have a full time job, so they do not have time to work through all these request and questions just to get to a booking.

Please note: The booking agent answering the phone might be male or female and never one of the escorts.

Is my information kept private and secure?

We are all worried about our privacy and it is a valid concern, however we can assure you that all your information that you might provide will be kept private and secure. Policy also dictates that NO private information like phone numbers, addresses, Facebook accounts, etc are exchanged at meetings.